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dodo electricity

Dodo Services Pty Ltd is a subsidiary company of the M2 group. Initially, Dodo Service Pty Ltd was founded to provide internet services (broadband services) in Australia in 2001. However, it has expanded its services and has become a multi-utility company at present. The service expansion related to electricity, Dodo Power & Gas has launched at first in Victoria in 2010 June. Now, the electricity and gas services are available in other states as well like New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland. Dodo Power and Gas provides Dodo electricity and Dodo gas to residents in the home as well as for the business purposes.

Dodo electricity tariff

Dodo Power and Gas supplier are popular among people in Australia because of its comparatively cheaper rate than other suppliers. There are different energy plans provided by Dodo, and you can choose the plan that suits your financial status. Tariffs for the gas and electricity vary according to the state you reside in. The next thing which is great in Dodo is that there are no locked-in contracts. Locked in contracts can sometimes be a huge encumbrance to you when you need to change the plans. Fortunately, if you are getting energy services from Dodo, you don’t have to deal with it and enjoy your flexibility and freedom as much as you can. You are free to make any changes in your plan. However, you should particularly be careful while checking the specifications of the plan before signing up. You should understand which plan may be of convenience to you.

dodo electricity
dodo electricity

DODO electricity discount DODO free electricity hour

There are various options in discounts as well. The provision of the discount may also vary from state to state. You can benefit from as much as 30% of discount as POTD (pay on time discount). In Victoria, POTD is 30% for all whereas it can vary in other states. Along with POTD, Dodo’s flex plan is also popular among the residents using its service. According to this plan, you get free electricity to use for an hour, 6 am to 7 am, every day. But, this plan is available only in Victoria.  If you are searching for other discount options, there is an Infinite Rewards Program which lets you enjoy heaps of discounts on various brands from retailers across Australia. This discount is provided in the form of pre-purchased gift cards. If you are interested in helping world in the clean energy process, Dodo offers the choice of either 10% or 100% green power.

DODO sign up process

To sign up, you can use the website of the service provider i.e. and go to the Power and Gas part. It provides information about contacting the service, signing up, moving houses, frequently asked questions which you may require to make your choice. You can also make your account after signing up which helps you track your usage of electricity, pay your bills and manage your information. Payment options include credit card, debit card, direct debit or BPAY. Also, you can pay according to instalment option which may be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

DODO Electricity review

dodo electricity review
dodo electricity review

According to the largest review site in Australia,, there are 135 reviews about Dodo Power and Gas. The review has both the negative and positive comments. It seems that most people have a negative experience regarding the sign-up process and some also have faced a problem with Dodo’s account manager app. The concerned people should look into this problem. On the contrary, there have been positive remarks about the low rates and customer service which should be continued further as well. According to ProductReview, Dodo has been rated 2 out of 5. Research done in 2015 showed that customers were more likely to recommend Dodo electricity to others which evince that there is a good level of customer satisfaction.

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